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The SNIPER Pitching Program works off the premise of building muscle memory through repetition. This programwill not help you increase your velocity or endurance.  It is for mastering your ability to throw a ball exactly where you want.  The program is simple and progressively teaches you to throw at smaller and smaller targets with a purpose.  It teaches you to hit your targets at different distances which ultimately builds the connection between your mind and your arm. 

By throwing at different distances it teaches the brain exactly what it needs to do to hit the same target while having to compensate for the various distances. 

As you progress through the program the levels become increasing more difficult to complete.  You will find them challenging and build your inner competativeness.   The beauty of the program is that you will not only learn how to master your control, but you will learn how to care and manage the health and recovery of your arm. 


The SNIPER Pitching Program's SUPER CANS Arm Care System is a series of exercises and stretches that are done at exact times during the program and when you pitch in game situations. These are critical for the health of your arm and will reduce injuries to your arm.  Each SUPER CANS session will take you only about 7 minutes but will provide you with a lifetime of better health of your arm.


black_beltThink of the SNIPER Pitching Program like earning a Black Belt in Karate.  As you become better and more proficient in the Program you "Graduate"to higher and more advanced levels.  Each level provides the right amount of increased difficulty to allow for proper muscle memory that will stick with you for the long term.  It is important for you to complete each level in order for the muscle memory to adequately be learned.

There are four different levels of the SNIPER Pitching Program:


The White Level is the most basic level of the SNIPER Pitching Program. Each workout systematically progresses and increases difficulty to prepare you for the WHITE LEVEL Test.  The main focus of the WHITE LEVEL is to teach the mind and arm what it takes to throw at various distances yet throw at a consistent target.

BLUE_Level_HDR The BLUE LEVEL is slightly more advanced and more difficult to complete each levels.  By decreasing the number of reps in which you must complete certain levels increases mental pressure and introduces the mental capacity along with your increased skill.  As you develop, you will learn how important getting your first pitch over is.  The main focus of the BLUE LEVEL is to build your confidense, teach the importance of control and continue the muscle memory development.
RED_Level_HDR By the time you have tested out and qualify for the RED LEVEL workouts, you will fully realize how much your control contributes to your success. Qualifying reps are reduced once again and targets are smaller.  At the RED LEVEL the targets are moved around more to increase your ability to move the ball around and make adjustments as you would need to in game situations. The main focus of the RED LEVEL is to increase your ability to move the ball to different locations on a pitch-by-pitch basis.
SNIPER_Level_HDR Bullet_HoleThe SNIPER LEVEL workouts are your most difficult to complete.  But if you have successfully completed each of the previous levels, you should be able to handle the workouts just fine.  The SNIPER LEVEL will have the smallest targets, move them around more often and have the lowest number of reps in which you must complete for certain levels. Once Bullet_Holeyou have completed the SNIPER LEVEL and succesfully past the SNIPER LEVEL Test, you will have the confidience that you can hit your spots during any game situation. 


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